Dignity For All Students Act

The Dignity Act also amended Section 801-a of New York State Education Law regarding instruction in civility, citizenship, and character education by expanding the concepts of tolerance, respect for others and dignity to include: an awareness and sensitivity in the relations of people, including but not limited to, different races, weights, national origins, ethnic groups, religions, religious practices, mental or physical abilities, sexual orientations, gender identity, and sexes. The Dignity Act further amended Section 2801 of the Education Law by requiring Boards of Education to include language addressing The Dignity Act in their codes of conduct.

Additionally, under the Dignity Act, schools will be responsible for collecting and reporting data regarding material incidents of bullying, discrimination and harassment. The Dignity for All Students Coordinator for Crown Point Central School is Lead Teacher/Dean of Students Tara Spaulding.

Crown Point Central School is committed to providing an educational and work environment that promotes respect, dignity and equality.  The Board recognizes that harassment, hazing, bullying and cyber bullying are prohibited behaviors and detrimental to student learning and achievement.  It interferes with the mission of the district to educate its students and disrupts the operation of the school.  Such behavior affects not only the students or employees who are its targets but also those individuals who participate and witness such acts.

To this end, Crown Point Central School condemns and strictly prohibits all forms of harassment, hazing, bulling and cyber bullying on school grounds, school buses and at all school-sponsored activities, programs and events including those that take place at locations outside the district.  The above actions that occur off campus that may create or would foreseeably create a risk of substantial disruption within the school environment and where it is foreseeable that the conduct, threats, intimidation or abuse might reach school property are prohibited.

For the purposes of this policy, the terms “harassment”, “hazing”, “bullying” and “cyber bullying” collectively shall refer to any intentional written, verbal, or electronic communication or physical act or emotional harm which intimidates or threatens another on the basis of race, color, national origin, creed, religion, weight, height, marital status, sex, age, sexual orientation, disability, socio-economic status, class, food allergy, club affiliation or other distinguishing characteristic.  

Dignity Act Coordinator: Tara Celotti

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